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Assembly Instructions The Healthy Choice in Grooming Tools

Assembly Instructions
Included in Purchase.
  • 1 ea. Handle It grip
  • 2 ea. Velcro strips with rings
Hose and Grip Position

Make sure the dryer hose is laying straight with no twists or kinks in the hose. The front of the handle has the finger slots when the grip is in your hand. When assembling, your dryer nozzle will face towards the finger slots.

Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions
Grip Assembly

With the sticky side of your Velcro facing down, insert it through one slot on the handle and out the opposite slot.

Velcro Straps

Pull Velcro through all the way to metal ring and leave a “loop” for the dryer nozzle.

Repeat with second Velcro strip.

Assembly Instructions
Assembly Instructions
Insert Dryer Nozzle

Position your dryer nozzle under the “loops” making sure the hose nozzle is all the way through. The hose attachment should be past the Velcro loops.

Ready to Dry

Your handle should face straight. When assembled properly there should be an effortless neutral balance. Assembly is complete, cut excess Velcro that hangs over.

Assembly Instructions

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